44 thoughts on “Guest book

  1. Very nice pipes! Your style is beautiful. My birthday is very close.. I hope to get one! hint hint wifey… lol. Either way I will buy very soon! Take care.
    Donnie D.

  2. Beautiful pipes! The tamper is of very good taste.
    Mr. Denovic is a gentleman. Always kind.
    The parcel arrived fast.
    You won a client in Brazil, Davorin.

  3. A joy to have found this corner dedicated to the world, pleasure and science of tobacco pipes. I shall soon conect to you for my coffee-tobacco section.

  4. Davorin, I completely enjoy your website and have learned some things about Morta that I never knew. Your pipes are incredible creations and I am sure wonderful to smoke! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world Davorin, I can see that you love what you do!!


  5. Wonderful craftsmanship & design. I was very impressed .
    Smokes beautifully & a very unique design.
    Davorin is a pleasure to do business with . Great communication & a gentleman to boot.
    Thank you & more to follow.

  6. E da me miličniki nisu oderali za 250 €, sad bi svijet bio moj! I barem dva lulička iz ove kolekcije!

  7. I am looking for something new and elegant, when I found this site, I know right away that I got to have one of D’s mortas. The only thing that took me longer is choosing between these brilliantly crafted morta pipes. It made me think of buying them all but it will break my bank but perhaps buying a few here and there will suffice for now. 🙂

  8. I recieved my pipe today delivered by the postman. Boy! This pipe is beautiful!! I smoked it and this is so much better than my briar, neutral and cool. Hehe, my friends are envious right now. I think they are going to buy one for themselves. hahaha. Thank you D!

  9. Your pipes are the highest quality with very creative designs, the best that I have ever experienced as an avid American collector. The features and designs are unequaled in the pipe world. Keep up the fantastic work.
    Tom Erwin, Birmingham, AL. USA

  10. Hallo your pipe are wonderfullll…i am very very interesting can you contact me with amail th. Ettore Pizza Italy

  11. Just found this site. Your pipes are absolutely beautiful, what a fantastic skill you have.

  12. Postovanje G-dine Davorin,

    kao svez uzivaoc lula, postovalac svih oblika umetnosti i, nadam se, uskoro “begginer pipe maker” iskreno se divim vasoj vestini. Sve ostalo sto bih mogao da kazem zvucalo bi samo kao laskanje u poredjenju sa Vasim remekdelima. Neka ste zivi i zdravi i lake i veste ruke jos mnogo godina. Sve najbolje. Pozdrav!!!

  13. Davorin, my good friend, my big pipe arrived today and suits me very well.
    It looks great and unique and smokes like a dream to the last leaf in the bowl.
    You have now a client and friend in Lebanon.

  14. Davorin’s pipes are of rare materials and the finest of workmanship. He is of the classical tradition of pipemaking, but shows his inspiration for modern forms and compositions. As important as all that is, even more importantly, his pipes are an incredible smoke. These are rare gems for anyone lucky enough to have one.

  15. I ordered a Morta # 7 Black on order from pipes2smoke an hour ago. I will share my thought on it, if I may do so. :~)

    Kind regards,


  16. Interesting (lovely in fact) material and craftmanship. I suppose, that sandblasting of the Morta pipes would effect with spectacular results. Anyway, I would be happy with one of these pipes, especially with one of straight billiards. I am a man of tradition…

  17. I am not sure what I enjoy more, the pipe Davorin made, or my interactions with him…both are exceptional. My pipe smokes very well and its craftsmanship is remarkable. Davorin was incredibly pleasant to correspond and do business with. I work in the country of Papua New Guinea, but I wish that the distance between was not what it is, because I would love to sit and have a smoke and conversation with Davorin.

  18. Davorin Morta Pipe is a rare gem of craftsmanship and design. It smokes beautifully, is exceptionally well made and presents a unique piece of history wrapped in a product of excellent stature. I urge everyone to get one of Davorin’s pipes and experience this for themselves.

  19. Davorin, beautiful work. I learned a lot about Morta from your website.I HOPE ONE DAY I CAN GET ONE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF ART TO HAVE AND ENJOY AND SMOKE.GOD BLESS YOU MY DEAR FRIEND. ERIC

  20. Mr. Davorin, your pipes are amazing. My purchase of one of your pipes is a wish I have had for years. It will be smoked with much gratitude. Thank you..

  21. Highest quality and creative Morta pipes, best available worldwide. “There is nothing like a Davorin Morta pipe”

  22. Dear Davorin, I just found your web site today. I sure hope you know something about Menges, Yugoslavia. I will start saving my money to buy one of your mortas. Would enjoy smoking and thinking of my Grandfathers homeland. Hoping you are in good health.
    Thank you,
    Dan Gillen

  23. My dear friend you have such beautiful beautiful pipe period I wish I had the money to be able to buy one I said if anything ever in my life I could have would be one of your pipes maybe one day when I get the money. I am very disabled very disabled and I live on a fixed income so it will be good now but this is my lifelong dream thank you so very much you beautiful God bless you and your family always. Sincerely. Eric

  24. Don’t even think about buying a bog oak pipe until you’ve checked out Davorin’s pipes. The quality of materials and workmanship is exquisite! He was recommended on an online pipe group, and they were spot on. He was great to deal with, and I couldn’t be happier with the pipe. I’ll definitely buy from him again.

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